Tuesday, June 17, 2008

tired of words

between my recent obsession with commenting on the emerging women's blog (which, by the way, is finally cured! sorry for those of you i stressed out by sending you over there...) and my heap of editing projects (which, sadly, i have not made much progress in until yesterday due to lack of motivation), i am really tired of words. so this post offers some pictures from my life during the last week.

date night last wednesday to see the cure (thanks to our friend angie, who got us FREE tickets!)

blurry picture taken from very far away of robert smith (lead singer)

i have no idea who his guitar player is...i just like the look of this photo!

playing mini golf on saturday in st. pete beach at a very retro golf course. of course, this was in 90+ degree heat...what were we thinking? (oh yeah, we had a buy-one-get-one coupon!)
(helping to keep an eye on mom's golf ball...it kept him quiet so i tried not to think about what kind of germs i was exposing him to...at least it was making his immune system stronger)

we found this walker over the weekend. i'm not in a super rush to have rhys walking like i was with the first two...probably because this is my last "baby" so i have found myself savoring the early moments way more than i ever did before. wouldn't you know, he has already graduated from using this to walking halfway across the house holding only ONE of my hands?! yikes! i think he will be on the move solo sooner than i thought!

i found this beauty in my neighbor's driveway. i can't wait to paint it and put it in gillian's room for a new art space for the older two. guess we have to get rid of the termites in her room first (yes, unfortunately we found out last week that we have the little buggers, so ever since school got out G & A have been camping out in aedan's room/rick's office. boy, does rick love this arrangement. :)

garden scenes

a recent highlight was getting a phone call yesterday from a dear friend. i usually don't take time to answer my phone because as soon as i do, someone starts screaming, or wants something to eat, or needs a diaper change, or starts barking (that would be marley, our dog...don't worry, our kids don't bark...at least most of the time). i am so thankful for her call, and it made me really, really wish we lived closer to each other so we could talk over coffee in person.

i hope everyone has a great week! i probably won't be back until i get at least some of this work off my desk. till then...


amy said...

the garden looks great! the sunflowers are beautiful! and that desk is definitely a great find! hey, which is worse...miniature golf in that heat or the 90-mile yard sale we went to in that heat? missing you...

Amelia Plum said...

great photos, it looks like your garden and sunflowers are doing wonderfully. and I agree with amy that the desk is a great find. love the pics of the kids at miniature golf and all the ones of cute rhys.

asti said...

Wow everythings flourishing in your garden since last time i looked. And the desk !! You get some bargains girl!
Nick and Lily are obsessed with mini golf....luckily (or unluckily...) we don't have the heat to go with it. asti x