Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i recently blogged about two "trash treasures": a table and a wooden desk, both of which were sitting on my street, free for the taking. lucky me!

asti laid back. he has to be: right now he sleeps in a nook, not even a room. i took a picture but then isuggested that i use oilcloth to cover the tabletop, and that's exactly what i did. if i had thought beforehand that i would be letting primarily aedan use this, i might have chosen a blue one, but i justify all these supposed gender color mistakes with "well one day it will be mine again, so i should decorate it the way I like it." plus i'm lucky in that aedan doesn't care; he is so just couldn't bring myself to post it, because i realized just how crammed full of stuff it is. he's happy, but i long for the day when we can give him a real room like his sister and baby brother. again, we are fortunate that he is so happy-go-lucky!

ok, back to the treasures: so yesterday i streaked the desk with white paint. i love this "technique" because it's not really a technique--i like to think of it as the "kristi's lazy way of being creative." using this style of painting, i don't have to worry about stripping anything, perfect brush strokes--i just slap the paint on, and somehow i think it always turns out looking great. but you be the judge:

of course, i had to show these pieces of furniture in their present state: messy, but used. already, the kids are loving their new creative workplaces.

gillian was so inspired that she wrote a book (and then she said, "ok, after i get this done, i would like to sell it." there's our little entrepreneur!). i think the storyline is inspired by our friend, krystal, who just lost her dog yesterday, whom she has had for 13 years.

i just had to share the finished product with you. keep in mind that she is only 6 1/2. i am constantly impressed by her mastery of the English language and of reading and writing!

the joy i get from looking at this takes some of the sting out of the fact that we just spent $800 today for long overdue work on our 1999 volvo wagon...


Penny said...

Hi Kristi, great work on the desks!! I think they turned out great and the painted one would look even better if you sanded it slightly so you still have the painted color on top but it smoothes the distiction btw the base color and the painted color? Does this make sense?? I love that oilcloth, it's beautiful!

Penny said...

I was in a hurry when I posted my last comment but I wanted to say how sweet Gillian's story is! Thank-you for posting it!

Amelia Plum said...

I love Gillian's story, great illustrations too! She's one smart little girl. Great desks too, love the oilcloth on the green one.

amy said...

how did i miss commenting on this one? the desks look great and way to go, gillian!