Saturday, July 19, 2008

read all about it!

i have been slow to blog these days, mostly because of various editing projects, but then also because my parents are in town visiting. even though i'm not the one on vacation, when friends or family come to visit, even if i have time here and there, i just can't bring myself to do any work....and then i end up feeling guilty that i'm "idle."

anyway, before i say anything else, i am so full of myself right now because i just made my first ever thing to give away to someone else. ok, to anyone else besides my immediate family, who accepts and praises my feeble attempts just because they love me.

i made a baby blanket (it's pictured at the top of the post)! it's a complete copy of my friend amy's design. she has made one of these for each of my 3 kids, and they LOVE them. they are cotton on one side and soft flannel on the other. and the kids never outgrow them.

so today, we were eating breakfast out (our saturday morning ritual), and lo and behold, a fabric store right next door was having a huge moving sale! i never, ever darken the doors of fabric stores, but we all went in, and i got, among other things, this stash of stuff:

(the pacifier was not part of the purchase...!)

i was really excited about this super chunky yarn. i have no idea what i'll make with it. and i got two sizes of bamboo knitting needles. wishing cooler weather was in sight right about now--it is SOOOOOO hot here.

here are some other shots of the weekend. i keep forgetting to take pictures, but my dad took some great ones--so these are a mix of mine and his.

this is my blackbeard rhys. he loves black beans, and it cracks me up when he eats them because he looks like he needs to shave.

rhys and my dad

rhys and my mom

rhys's first real visit to the beach. he went one other time but he was too small to really do anything besides lay there. this time he tasted the sand, crawled around, and in general had an amazing time. he even loved the ocean, which is a radical change from gillian and aedan when they were his age.

my 3 musketeers

rhys walking

rhys and me

my parents took gillian and aedan overnight to their hotel on clearwater beach, and the kids had a blast. our house was creepily quiet, and i almost didn't know what to do with myself. i teased my sister that i almost felt like we had no kids for the night, because rhys doesn't really count since he's still so small. in fact, we even took rhys with us to see hancock that night, and he actually slept through the whole movie!

i probably will be pretty quiet this week because i have a monster project that i'm behind on now because i've taken so much time off. till then...xo.


Penny said...

Great job on the blankie Kristi, and great finds at the fabric store! I love knitting with bamboo needles (who am I kidding, I can barely knit) , much nicer than metal! Aww, Rhys is so cute with that grin and beans everywhere. I hope your big project goes smoooothly!

Pixie said...

Congrats on the walking Rhys!

Amelia Plum said...

The blanket looks lovely and I have to say that Rhys looks like the world's happiest baby. He's such a cutie!

karin said...

Your blanket is so awesome! I love the fabric. The recepient is going to LOVE it! Especially because you made it with your hands. I love how the kids look with a bean "beard". Too bad we couldn't take a picture with both of our kids eating black beans together!

amy said...

i love the blanket! and lucky you on finding the sale!

Test Blog said...

Alivia loves her blanket most of all... she is snuggled up having sweet baby dreams in it right now! It is the perfect weight for a Florida baby! Thank you so much, she loves it (and so do I)!


Linda M. said...

Your baby is so smiley!! I can't help but smile back at him. Hopefully he has the same effect on you!