Friday, July 11, 2008


don't i wish i had time to write a long post reflecting on what i've been thinking lately (well, scratch that--i've been pretty down in the dumps since the party weekend ended, maybe post-party depression?).

however, i'm busy as usual, working, working, working. although i have managed to spend lots of time this week on facebook. man, that thing can be a real time waster! i have a journal to edit, which i had wanted to finish today (won't be happening), and then i have a book due july 29, which i haven't started and which is supposedly so horribly written that i am being paid more because they feel sorry for me. oh brother...

so in the midst of this, i noticed yesterday in the bathroom that the gerbera daisies i bought for the party on saturday still look amazing. not only that, but i captured some cool reflections in a hand mirror i had out at the time. the flowers almost don't look real in the pictures, but i did not alter any of these photos. crazy. and all done with a point-and-shoot cannon A610.

wishes for a very happy, relaxing weekend!

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Amelia Plum said...

i love gerbera daisies, they're such happy looking flowers and they come in amazing colors. the orange one is so beautiful in your pictures, the red one too but i especially like the orange.