Tuesday, August 19, 2008


thanks to fay (tropical storm fay, that is), i didn't get this posted yesterday. we were too excited about not having school already on the 2nd day in session!

needless to say to those of you who watch the news, the storm came and went and we got a few sprinkles and a nice breeze. in the meantime, i was working on this:

my first quilt! i cut out squares a while back from rick's old shirts. we had always talked about doing this, but i had the impression that i could never make a quilt. well, i wouldn't want any of you perfectionist seamstresses out there examining it under a microscope (okay, examining it at ALL), but i am really proud of it so far. i haven't used a tape measure or pins to hold anything together. it's been totally free-for-all, and that's my kind of project. i hate being fussy with actually lining things up correctly. :)

now i just have to figure out how to put a border on it and a backing, oh, and then figure out how to actually QUILT it (using my machine of course...there's no way after this i'm doing it by hand!). any suggestions?

by the way, it's for aedan's bed. i love all the colors that kind of meld together in it. of course photos don't do it justice, but have i bragged enough for you to tell how proud i am? did i mention i'm proud?

i'm also extremely proud of these two beans:

dad took these, and i think he must have been telling them to make funny faces. i chose this one because i wanted you to see aedan's shorts. can you tell they have skulls embroidered on them? thanks, target! :) they are at uniform schools (they are at different schools because we were lucky enough to get gillian into a magnet program this year but there was no room for aedan until he's in 1st grade), but of course we had to start off the year right by pushing the uniform boundaries!

aedan started kindergarten, and when we picked him up and asked him how his day went, he said, "i didn't get sent to the principal's office or anything!" he's such a wild man that we had talked with him several times about how kids who can't behave go to the principal's office. nice to know something sunk in, but i felt a twinge of guilt for relaying that message so much that he felt compelled to tell me this right off the bat!

and when we picked gillian up and asked how her day was, she said (of course), "i forgot." which translates (she told us what this meant) into, "i'm tired and don't feel like telling you." (sigh) my, how fast they grow up, right? i can hardly believe the two kids in this photo are actually MINE. it seems like yesterday they were born. and i promise i'm not an old lady (my grandma says this phrase all the time)...but time seriously flies.

okay, maybe i AM old...

so here's to new beginnings, new starts, new quilts! happy day everyone!


Penny said...

Yay for you Kristi!!! You should be very proud! Your quilt looks so cuddly and I love that you used shirts for it. Viva la recycling!

Angie said...

Great quilt and kids!

amy said...

i love the quilt! it is great! i am sure aedan will love using it!

asti said...

Well done...it's lovely. I've never made a quilt either - its on my to do list. Always found it a bit intimidating !
Love that you used Ricks shirts too, makes it nice and personal.