Thursday, August 21, 2008

something to think about...

i don't usually use this space to share things i read; i leave that to my husband. :) (those of you who know him or read his blog or are signed up on his google reader know what i'm talking about.)

however, he shared something recently (on google reader--where else?!) that i felt compelled to link to here. it's called "open letter from God to Americans (satire)." here's an excerpt right from the middle of it (and it's not too long so please go to the link and read it all):

"You are my favorite child. I love you more than any of the other children I have created. That's why you get all the cool stuff like cars, and houses, and TVs, and food that isn't rotten. It's because of where you happen to live, because your country was founded by people who loved me and followed all my commandments. They didn't steal other people's property. They didn't kill other people to get what they wanted. They only came here to flee from the devil and his minions. They just wanted to be able to worship me freely. And you are truly blessed by me because of what they did. Your country is pretty freaking awesome. I am so glad I created it. Even your money says that you trust me. It's no wonder I count on you to rid the world of evil."

certainly some serious thoughts to consider in this post. i have no idea what the blogger's faith background is, and obviously the title says "satire," so please don't think i'm saying or promoting that God says all these things! but i definitely think there are some very convicting things written here for those of us who identify ourselves as American Christians.

take a second and let me know what you think.

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