Wednesday, September 24, 2008

round and round it goes...

where it stops, nobody  knows. especially  me. seriously. for now, this rug is looking like something my son would make (and he's 5). but then again, i don't think he could sit still long enough to make more than a couple of stitches, so maybe my efforts are a BIT better than his.

for now, i'm calling it the world's tiniest rug. i have been working on it in the car while we wait to pick up aedan and then gillian every day after school. here are a couple of shots of rhys while we waited yesterday. can you tell how tired he is?

i'm also in the process of another scarf (Christmas present), and i finished a scarf for someone else for the holidays. i need to remember to take pics to post after the season's over--i think most everyone in my family can guess they are getting some type of knitted rectangular shape for the holiday but i just don't want to post pics and ruin the hype COMPLETELY. :)

i also tried my hand at felting yesterday, but as usual, i didn't look up how to do this until after i had knitted this (it's double sided and open in the middle, like a purse):

i made it for myself, just because i really love the yarn--the weight, the color, everything. my idea was to felt it and it would magically become a really chic handbag--you know, the kind that you carry when you are trying NOT to look like a mom? in my mind, it was awesome. like something from anthropologie. and i was going to stitch some sort of bird on the outside.

so after precisely 50 minutes of agitating it in very hot water, this is how it looked:

(i have this picture saved right-side up on my computer, but i guess blogger is having technical difficulties and insists on showing this sideways--but you get the idea: white fuzz everywhere, and no felting action!)

needless to say, i guess i should have used 100% wool yarn. so now it's in the trash. that chic handbag will have to wait--unless someone wants to make me one...maybe for christmas?

in other news, gillian is learning to play the violin at her new school. here she is in action:

speaking of her, yesterday on the way to school, as we were driving on a neighborhood street made of bricks, she asked me, "mom, is this what the roads were like back in your day?" what am i, a grandma? i don't remember ever thinking these things about my parents--well, maybe about their music. i remember watching them  sing along on road trips to the beatles and three dog night and thinking, "wow, my parents are ancient." but other than that, i didn't really consider anything they experienced growing up to be different from my own experience. but then again, maybe that's because they are only 20 years older than me...

last night while i was getting rhys ready for bed, i took these pictures. i can't believe how fast he is growing up.

(i love how you can see his wild hair in this picture)

hope your day is not as random as this post has ended up being! have a great day everyone.


amy said...

i love the colors of the rug! it looks great! sorry about the handbag :(

Pixie said...

I am sure that is what would happen if I tried to felt. However, I have had very good success at felting my favorite sweaters to the point that they would not even fit my baby. And then I cried like my baby.

jen said...

I love coming to your blog randomly and finding random news. It brings me back to normal thoughts for a moment ;)