Monday, September 29, 2008

weekend goodness

i can't believe it starts so early: the phrase we all said when we were teenagers, lamenting the end of each weekend, dreading getting up every morning, so early, especially this time of year when the days are getting shorter and shorter and it's still dark outside (though not remotely chilly here--this morning at 7:30 it was a muggy 75 degrees...).

gillian, who almost 7, has started saying, "mom, why are the weekends so short?" or, this past friday morning, when i was waking her up for school, said sleepily, "i wish it was saturday, mom. then i could sleep in." 

i don't remember feeling this way when i was so little. and of course, aedan doesn't say this. the minute he's awake, he's A.W.A.K.E. (and usually immediately bothering--i mean loving on--everyone in the house, including marley). it's so interesting to see how G is already such a non-morning person. this past saturday i think she spent the first waking hour (or more?) in bed curled up with several books. that's my girl for sure.

since we have a more "normal" schedule these days (husband working long hours, kids in school during the day), as my mom likes to say, :) we are all treasuring the weekends so much more. here are a few pictures to show you the fun we had this weekend (by the way, that picture at the top is an actual readout of the temperature at 2:30 on saturday. we were at the pool at my in-laws' condo pool):

and look what i finished this weekend:

making these is really addictive, and also really know that's true if even I can do it! i've already torn my strips for the next one and made one ball to start with. i swear, tearing and rolling the strips takes forever in comparison with the actual rug making!

i might be quiet the rest of the week, as i have lots of editing projects to juggle. for now, i'm on pins and needles waiting until tonight--friends are coming over to watch the season premiere of dexter and eat some beef stew while the kids watch a movie in the other room... i heart dexter! 

have a great week everyone!


amy said...

i love the rug kristi! the colors are wonderful and it turned out amazing! they are addictive. if only we could skip the tearing strips part!

Mrs. H. said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love your rug - amazing! I so hope to make one, one day. They are so old fashioned and homey looking. :-) Have wonderful week, Kristi! Thanks for sharing your lovely family time weekend. :-)

krystal said...

The rug is awesome! I wasn't sure when I saw the pink (!) ball but the finished product is really cool! Hope we can catch up sometime soon...