Tuesday, September 9, 2008


i'm dying to go to bed, but before i do, i want to share two things with you. the first is the dish i made for dinner tonight. it's from 101 cookbooks; i get her email alerts the minute she posts a new recipe, and i LOVE getting those messages! even if i am not going to make the recipe (i don't like tofu, i don't have time to make special cookies, plus i might eat the whole batch if i do...), i really like how she writes, i love her approach to food and cooking, and i love her photos.

so i made the lemony chickpea dish, except instead of using tofu i used chicken (i cooked it in olive oil and sprinkled it with thyme and salt and pepper), i left out the zucchini (i had accidentally used the last of our zucchini the night before), and i used spinach instead of kale.

i could have eaten this whole thing by myself. well, it might not have fit into my stomach, but it is that tasty. and there are not many ingredients and not much fussiness either. 

the other thing i want to share is my first complete christmas gift. i won't share who it's for, and the blue thing at the bottom was supposed to be a flower, but you all know my artistic ability...so we'll just say it's a creative, urban, abstract kind of flower. (i threw "urban" in there because of the stuff they sell at urban outfitters--it kind of reminds me of something i would see in there...).

hopefully the next post will feature a finished scarf...so glad i have these projects to help me procrastinate getting my editing done. :)

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asti said...

Kudos for getting that first Chrissie present done - I'm lagging behind...The flower was instantly recognisable as a flower by the way ;)
You've loads of posts for me to read, looks like you've been busy (love the new blog look). Thanks for your comment too :)
asti x