Sunday, September 7, 2008

the weekend in pictures

this weekend was our last chance to take the kids to see the dinosaur exhibit at the local Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). it's been here all summer, but of course we procrastinated... 

gillian really wasn't that keen on going, since there were huge robotic dinosaurs that moved and looked at you with their robotic eyes when you walked past. the exhibit had only 10 dinos, so afterward we went to the kid area to play. here are my favorite pics from the outing.

obviously i have lots of favorite pics! when we got home yesterday i started off mending a few pieces of the kids' clothes and then decided to make a bag.

of course, i have never actually MADE a bag before, but i thought "how hard can it be really?" well, let's just say i'm glad none of my local friends sew so i won't have anyone wanting to really "look" at it. :) the best part is i used an old skirt and an old pair of pants (that no longer fit in the good way--hooray!), so i recycled! 

the fabric is very forgiving too--it's kind of a faux tweed, so  i could make seams all over the place and they don't show up! 

it was a great first project, and i feel a bit edgy with the skeleton. :)

and i sewed these pieces on the back of the bag from an old tshirt (that's where the skeleton came from as well) to cover up some of the oops seams from where i took out the zipper. 

maybe this will tide me over until i can buy that bag i saw on the Simple website (i LOVE their eco line, and i LOVE bags, so this is a bad combination...)

have a great sunday everyone!


amy said...

very cute! i like the back. very good idea!

asti said...

Love skulls.very cool.

Amelia Plum said...

love all the pictures. I think the top one of your husband and aedan looking up at the giant pterodactyl is my favorite. The bag turned out great, good recycling of materials. love the skull, all moms should have a bag with skulls to give them an edge;)