Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the gate is open...

i could write so much about yesterday, but as usual, i have much editing to do and very little i'll keep it short.

we had friends over during lunch and rick came home to watch the inauguration with us. i put rhys in his booster seat to eat snacks so he wouldn't try to change the channels or climb the tv armoire while we were trying to watch...

and suddenly, when obama appeared on the screen, he started squealing. then, i said, "obama." and he repeated it. then i said it again. and he repeated it. and then he looked back at the tv, and when the camera came back to obama, he laughed excitedly again.

could it be that my 17-month-old really recognizes him? i mean, we did take him to a rally, but that was a long time ago. of course, i also thought he said "obama" when he was about 8 months old. i think that was wishful thinking...

several friends asked me at the end of the day if my glow had worn off yet. truth be told, i spent most of the day frustrated with people online who were writing ugly or just plain rude things about obama, about people who like him, about everything related to the inauguration.

i hate this part of my personality, where i focus on something stupid or insensitive or rude or close-minded that someone has said, and i just obsess about it, can't let it go. for some reason, i take it personally. i would love to have a magic wall i erect every time that happens, so i can remain removed emotionally. hmmm, that would be fantastic, actually.

one thing i have been hearing lately really sticks out to me: some people (christians) have been saying things like, "i'm going to look to God/Jesus for change" or "the only man who brought real change died 2,000 years ago."

now, besides these statements just being utterly obnoxious to me, i think there is a difference between a christian placing his or her eternal hope in a superior being and a U.S. citizen being hopeful about what changes obama and his administration might bring about while they are in power. these are two completley different things. so why do some (mean, short-sighted) people use these lame arguments? i think it's so they can feel more important, more valued, smarter, whatever. 

i really thought this ugliness had gone away after obama was elected, but boy, was i naive. 

i loved the part of obama's speech about how some people don't think that government can do any good anymore, but they are just cynics. i couldn't agree more. i am hopeful. i think the critics should wait a year or so to see what happens before getting all judgmental and nasty.

the gate is open now, and we've been invited to the table. so what are we going to do? sit around and be critical? or get involved and see what kind of change we can bring about for the good of the country we love? let's get moving! there's lots to be done. 


Sara said...

i like your service-minded attitude! what's your obama pledge? mine is to personally affect the underserved this year by continuing my relationship thruout the year w/ the family we adopted @ Christmas thru the Salvation Army.

is intolerance of intolerance still intolerance? how can some say negative, nasty, judgmental remarks about one president but not tolerate it when others do the same about the candidate they admire...hmmmm

t h a i t r a i t said...

I have the same sensitivity and often wish for that wall myself.

Love the picture of the gate and the analogy at the end--we have the freedom here to help be the change we want to see, and you're right, criticizing will get us absolutely nowhere.

Amelia Plum said...

there's a ton to be done and sitting around being an armchair critic will help no one! great, provocative post and a very fitting photo with it.

karin said...

Why can't we give people the benefit of the doubt? Isn't this what Jesus did and does? Seeing the possibilities in people? Isn't this small action one way we can follow His example? It happens both ways. I can't believe so many people booed Bush at the Inaguaration. That was completely inappropriate. I don't think he was a great leader, but I am choosing to respectifully not badmouth him. He was still one of the presidents of the United States and deserves a little more respect than being booed at the Inaguration. On the other hand, I really think people who are critics of Obama need to keep their mouths shut long enough to see him do a few things before critiquing him. I for one and hopeful of the future.

I LOVE your picture of the gate and the analogy. The gate is open and we have an invitation from the most powerful man in our country to join him and make our future better rather than sit back, wait for him to do it and blame him when he doesn't meet our expectations. We are so much to blame for what's happened to our country economically and we will be to blame if we can't get behind this administration to help right the wrongs and learn from our mistakes!

LMcG said...

On the other hand, I wish enthusiasts would wait a year or two before proclaiming Obama the savior of our modern times. Most supporters are so excited about change and historical milestones they are forgetting that the office Obama holds is still under the same constraints as every other president, and the world around us as well as our daily lives are still operating as they regularly do and routinely have. It would be great it everyone could chill out a little bit, stop selling and buying pieces of crap with Obama's face on it, and try to pay attention to what's actually happening or going to happen.

karin said...


Respectfully, there is a difference between being hopeful and excited about our new president and holding him up as a savior of sorts. I agree some people seem to see him that way, but I don't think all people who voted for him see him that way.