Sunday, January 25, 2009

let's sit and talk awhile

i read a book a long time ago, the myth of the perfect mother, by carla barnhill. fantastic book. you should read it.

and recently, my friend karin reminded me again about this book, and all the  myths we hold onto (especially those of us who grew up in church) regarding motherhood, how we should act, all the expectations we place on ourselves as well as those others place on us, both intentionally and unintentionally.

well, i ran across a blog by carla and her friend caryn, who is also an author (you can check the blog and see her last name and books she has written...i'm currently being too lazy to click over there and list it all right now!).

the blog is called the mommy revolution, and the most recent post has some GREAT discussion about breaking down the cult of family, especially within walls of the church, but i also think it applies to our American society in general.

so check it out, leave a comment, and add it to your reader. such honesty and realness can't be passed up these days.


Darrel said...

You review books? hat is off to you..I don't think I could do that

krystal said...

Wow - heavy stuff. We definitely need to talk for real - this corresponds with so many things I've been thinking about lately! Plus I just miss our heart-to-hearts ;)