Tuesday, January 27, 2009


[note to readers: after repeated attempts by my spouse to explain the rules of football, i fear that i am a complete girl: i do not get it. i know the basics: each team runs to one end or the other to score, trying to get downs related to yardage. but beyond that, i am constantly asking, "what just happened? what does that mean?"] 

with that said, i am rooting for the arizona cardinals with all my might this coming sunday. my husband has been a cardinal fan all his life, and it's been a lonely existence. when they won the last game (see, i can't even remember what the championship is called, sorry honey), he was beyond elated. he was quiet--just soaking it all in. there were tears involved, although i think he kept most of them from me...and if you know my husband you know he doesn't really cry about anything--oh yeah, except sports. those outside the lines stories on ESPN get him every time. 

but i digress. so his all-time favorite team arrived in town yesterday, because yes, we live in tampa, which happens to be the location of the superbowl. unbelievable. now how depressing is this? the tickets are so outrageously priced that he has tried and tried in vain to tag along with someone to the game. the latest pricetag we heard was $1800...for ONE TICKET. good grief. talk about shutting out the laypeople.

we're still holding out hope that at the last minute, a magic ticket will appear, and he will be able to experience the game firsthand. after all, if he has been a loyal cardinals fan his whole life, surely he deserves this, right? as i said, i'm no football fan, but even i know they have SUCKED, and big time, for most of his life. 

so here's to the cardinals winning, and winning big, in our town, this coming sunday!


Kristin said...

Rick sounds VERY familiar to me! Terry is pretty much JUST LIKE HIM! I so hope he gets to go. It's obviously a once in a lifetime chance...:)

Kristin said...

I must apologize. I'm sorry I got you so excited about the possible cardinal connection. I MEANT that Terry is just like Rick when it comes to sports in general. Are you extrememly let down at this point? :) I'm just chuckling to myself because you were so cute! I don't have the gift of writing very coherently. Talking to me face to face usually makes much more sense! BUT....Terry IS pulling for the Cardinals! He doesn't have loyalty to either team, but he loves pulling for the underdog...me too. (even though I "get" football about as well as you!)

Amelia Plum said...

it's steelers madness here in pittsburgh, where they take their football very seriously. i'm one of the few pittsburghers who barely follows sports - i watched the steelers beat the ravens and was traumatized watching mcgahee of the ravens get hit (i thought he either died or would be a quadriplegic the hit looked so bad and of course they replayed the gruesome hit ad infinitum ). i kept googling him after the game to find out how he was doing, fortunately he's fine. i'm rooting for the steelers, since i'm in pittsburgh, and we have very cold, long winters here, we need something to celebrate.