Wednesday, February 4, 2009

weekend in photos

we took rick's mom out to eat this weekend in tarpon springs, a greek community about 45 minutes from where we live. we love any excuse to go there: when we were first married and would come to visit for a week, we spent lots of time, wandering the streets, eating the freshest seafood and greek fare, looking at sponge-diving boats docked in the canal, shopping for handmade soaps. it truly feels like another world.

this restaurant we went to for the first time did not disappoint. check out the photos i took, all with my new phone (which has a camera as good as the one i use for most of my pictures). they were all tweaked using picasa, which i didn't know about until last week, thanks to a twitter friend. i know i'm late to the game, but wow, so many cool effects! 

compliments welcome. ;)


mrs boo radley said...

FABULOUS colors in these pics! Thanks for the shout out.

Amelia Plum said...

i love the photos and i know nothing about picasa so i'm even further out of the loop than you. the last photo of the chairs is really nice with the colors supersaturatated. and i like the countertop photo with the light? on it, sort of has a polaroid feel to it. does picasa give you a bunch of different filters for arty effects on the pictures?