Thursday, April 23, 2009


so, we actually DID go to church, for those of you who doubted us. :) we visited here, and our favorite part was ending the service with hank williams sr.'s song "i saw the light." awesome.

we don't do the easter bunny thing, but i did give the kids little baskets with treats. what was i thinking? i swear, having candy turns my kids into rabid cavemen. they start foaming at the mouth, screaming at me, gesturing, pointing, asking for "more." and i'm not just talking about the baby--all 3 were like that. candy is evil. it really is. 

so much for "Christ is risen," right? 

here are a few photos i took from the day. you have to go back and look at the photo at the top of the  post, though. see how gillian is frowning and holding her arm up? i took about 5 of these photos, each of them progressively worse, and if there were audio to go along with this it would be "AEDAN! GET OFF ME! GET AWAY FROM ME! STOP TOUCHING ME!" while rhys kept climbing off the chair and aedan kept getting CLOSER every time gillian repeated this demand. awesome.

the redemption in this? i have no idea. i'll just blame it on the candy. i'm sure Jesus wouldn't have approved of eating chocolate bunny heads anyway.
oh, and now that rhys is approaching the 2-year mark in august, he is slowly becoming fair game for sibling rivalry. during the egg hunt, gillian and aedan realized they now had not just each other but also him to compete against. oh, the joys...

Christus Victor!


Amy said...

They may try your patience and candy may not be on your side, but your kids are gorgeous!!! I know it must certainly be an adventure...we're just getting started on that adventure! :)

Amelia Plum said...

I love your easter pictures, especially the last one of all three of them smiling. They are all so beautiful and I like the little bit of subversiveness with Aedan's piratical chinos.