Friday, April 24, 2009

why is it called honeymoon?

this past weekend (yes, i know, still behind, but slowly catching up!), in early celebration of earth day, we went to honeymoon island. they were having a really cool festival, mostly with hands-on stuff for kids, and this family LOVES a good outdoor festival, first and foremost because it was free and outdoors and would hopefully wear the kids out. :)

before we headed over there, we ate breakfast outside on the terrace at a local cuban place, where "tortillas" means omelette, but not really--it's scrambled-y eggs with whatever you want thrown in. for about $3. sweet!

 as we were driving into the state park, of course we had to field questions about the name of the island. "why is it called honeymoon? is everyone here on their honeymoon?" i wish. a 2nd honeymoon there would be awesome. i don't care if it IS 30 minutes from our house. just not with 3 kids in tow. that sorta puts a damper on anything honeymoon related. 

sort of like our experience on the beach. hopefully we weren't surrounded by people really ON their honeymoon. because our kids decided to build volcanoes and princess towers with ginormous rocks. and aedan, whose voice is quiet as a mouse (think the exact OPPOSITE of this...) kept saying, "mom look! this rock is the lava that is exploding out! (explosion sounds) mom look! this rock is the one that falls down off the side! (banging sounds) mom look! isn't this volcano AWESOME?!!!" 

at one point (ok, two points) i called him over to me and tried to quietly explain that people all around us were calmly sunbathing, trying to relax, no kids in sight (probably left THEIR kids at home; they were going to honeymoon island, after all). then he would go back to his volcano, say in a quiet voice, "mom look." and then "ISN'T THIS VOLCANO AMAZING? DIDN'T I DO A GOOD JOB?"


luckily the lady closest to us thought the whole thing was amusing. it often is when you don't have to be the one taking all the cute but loud kids home with you. her husband didn't seem so happy about the short distance between us and them, however...

oh, and honeymoon island's story? i haven't done any research. i did see on their homepage that the island used to be called hog's island until 1939. no wonder people banded together to change its name. "honey, let's go to hog's island after we get married. supposed to be just beautiful. and not the least bit hoggy." 

i think honeymoon suits it much better. now, to find a sitter for those 3 adorable kids of mine...


mrs boo radley said...

I'd babysit for you! It'll take me lotsa hours to get there, so we'd really have to plan ahead.

Gorgeous children with great imaginations. Lovely!

sew nancy said...

sounds like an amazing place
hope you enjoyed your recent weekend too

krystal said...

Did you ever find out the honeymoon island story? It has something to do with someone buying it to make it a resort-type thing and for the kickoff had a contest of sorts where couples were nominated by people and the winners (i think 10 of them?)got to come for 2 wks and each were given little cabins. From the pics they have at the visitor's center it was all very orchestrated - and very 1950s (pictures of the woman cooking her first meal for her man, etc).

Eventually people decided that there were too many resorts already down here and they got together and got it made into a park instead. I thought that part was the best part of the story!

Amelia Plum said...

your kids are so beautiful! now i was so happy that we had freakish warm weather for four days here in pittsburgh, i was reveling in the loveliness of it up here ...until i saw your honeymoon island pictures. i am so jealous of you being so close to the ocean. that place looks fanatastic. i love the last pic with aedan amongst the twisted trees.