Thursday, May 7, 2009

snapshots from sisterhood of the traveling sisters

i have procrastinated writing a blog about my sister weekend getaway, because i wanted to write something witty, sharp, funny, make all of you feel like you were there. but every time i started, i erased and started over, and then eventually gave up. 

there's nothing i can write that will begin to describe how much fun i had just spending time with my sister--just the 2 of us--for an entire weekend while our husbands took care of the kids! we are 5 years apart (guess who's older? ha), which means that for most of our lives we have been in different life stages, which in the past usually equaled not much to relate about.

a few years ago over a martini (i said A martini, just one, ok?) at the beach we bonded for what i think is the first time ever. i mean, we have always been sisters (duh) and have always loved each other, but i think that was the first time we both realized, OH! we can be friends now! 

the bond was further solidified when we had babies only 4 days apart 2 augusts ago. how weird is that? although i have to say those first phone conversations about our newly occupied wombs involved lots of her being excited and me being panic-stricken (considering that was her first trip down mommyhood lane and i had already been 2 times previous and hadn't planned on taking that trip again...!).

sometimes when i think about how much i treasure her, how much i wish we lived closer so we could hang out all the time (even though that would surely mean a little bickering--after all, what good siblings NEVER disagree?), it makes me sad for gillian. sad that she has 2 brothers and no sister to grow up sharing girl stuff with. 

i know, i know--those of you reading who have brothers will want to leave a comment correcting me (heck, just leave a comment! i love affirmation.). but she already laments on at least a weekly basis about not having a sister, and she has asked me more than a time or two if we can have one for her (and in case you are wondering, we have had that department permanently fixed in the not-having-any-more-babies direction)... i try to explain to her that as a kid i always wanted a brother, but really, now that i'm grown up, i am glad i have a sister instead.

background on these pictures: they were taken on sand key and at the belleview biltmore hotel, which would be swanky except it's in major disrepair and falling apart due to serious neglect. it's closing at the end of this month for at least 3 years for a full renovation. i would say if you live nearby, take advantage of their cheap rates while you can, but i would be lying. don't. stay. there. my sister kept saying it reminded her of the hotel from "the shining." long, long, long halls with a million doors. very creepy.

of course, as only sisters can do, we managed to make the most of it and had a great time! 


Mrs. H. said...

Just loved this Kristi! :-) I wish we could see each other in person some day - you're the best!

Mrs. H. said...

And Abbie and I LOVE your white sunglasses!

Amelia Plum said...

that's such a sweet post. I can definitely see the similarity between you and your sister, you both have the same open friendly eyes and your smiles are alike too. i wish i had a sibling to bond with.

Lori said...

My husband and I escaped the Connecticut winter about 10 years ago and stayed at the Bellview Biltmore...a beautiful place then, if not just a little dated. Enjoy your posts!