Friday, May 8, 2009

room redo

rick's parents gave us money for bunk beds for the kids about, oh, 3 months ago, and we held onto it because we could never make up our minds which ones to get. we wanted bunk beds, but i think most of them look (and feel) really cheap.

finally, one day i sat down at the computer and resolved not to get up until i had ordered the furniture. i found these on amazon, and they were a GREAT deal, even including free shipping! they are solid, and i love the shutter look, which reminds me of key west. 

of course, i had to paint them, because isn't that what i do with everything in our house? rick told me after this i have to retire this color blue or else we'll get sick of it. we'll see. ;)

and also, i love painting furniture this way, because it takes absolutely no effort and (i think) looks great! i really have my mom to thank for having a painting bug. she loves to buy old things and give them a new look, and she has definitely passed this down to me.

i have been putting off posting about the beds, though, because i wanted the room to be perfect before i showed you. the new ikea (!!!) helped get the room mostly ready, but as you can see in a couple of the pictures, i still need to have matching curtains. right now, we have 2 matching ones, plus 2 sheers and a flannel blanket over the top of one to try to block out the sun, which comes up SUPER early here and is so bright/hot/strong this far south. 

so i guess you could say the new digs are mostly magazine worthy with a little trailer trash thrown in for good measure. ;)

i have been wanting one of these cords to string across this wall for, oh, i don't know, THREE YEARS or something crazy like that. of course, thanks to ikea i got this one super cheap, and look how much art the kids dug up immediately to fill it. the table has two leaves that drop down to fold up super small, although we've been leaving one side up (and thus providing a GREAT place to let crap pile up...maybe we should start putting both leaves down every night!).

the boxes under the bed hide lots of random toys and stuffed animals that were previously shoved precariously in the closet, only to come tumbling out every time the door was opened. the boxes have lids and are on coasters, so it's easy now for them to be pulled out, dug around in, and (hopefully) cleaned up and returned to their spots at the end of every day.

i had thought about getting matching chest of drawers and getting rid of the ones G&A have, but i think i will keep the old ones for now. 

and the reading nook (or, excuse me, BOOK NOOK as aedan immediately named it) is my favorite part of the room. we plan to hang some sort of tapestry eventually to turn it into some sort of book cave. but, like the curtains, that part of the plan is on hold until maybe next month. so you can just close your eyes and imagine that part for now. 

and of course i have to include an obligatory shot of the dog lounging on the new bed. we were a bit worried he would feel shafted with the new arrangement, because he didn't seem to like having something overhead at first. but as you can see he's perfectly comfortable snuggling up with the 100 stuffed animals ("babies") on aedan's bed and taking one of many power naps throughout the day.

happy friday everyone! enjoy your weekend. 


mrs boo radley said...

Fabulous shutter look indeed! I adore their room more and more...

Happy weekend to you!

karin said...

LOVE IT ALL! It looks so creative and totally lived-in and homey! I want to read in the book nook. I love the desk, too...they both have a side. I just made a little ribbon line thing for Eric's budding art pieces and I think it makes a room look like like a kid lives there. Wish we could come play with your guys!

christine said...

I can just imagine Gillian and Aedan quietly doing their homework at the little table....ha ha!! Seriously, though, it looks great. Miss you all!

Hannah said...

Kristi it looks so good! Wow, I really haven't seen you in forever, I didn't even know what you bought! So cute... You are so inspiring! H