Friday, May 15, 2009

week in (mostly) pictures

too weary to think to write something witty...edited a book about mice reproductive system and boy, was it enlightening. had a wonderful mother's day. husband made not one but TWO gourmet meals, and wouldn't you know, i got only one picture of the food. and it's not even a good one. in other news, gillian has discovered a new style of cutting arms off shirts and using the sleeves for leg warmers. aedan has taken up his father's pastime of reading comic books, thanks to free comic book day. and rhys has been figuring out how to conquer new territory.

(homemade crepes with ricotta filling and strawberries marinated in grand marnier. YUM!)

(aedan's SNL move--i have no idea)

(rhys decided to jump in the bathtub fully clothed, with a water bottle no less)

(marley being forced to wear a paper hat that aedan made from his dangerous book for boys book)

(rhys set up this composition all on his own...and there's a *bit* of an obsession going on around here with cars!)

(when i wasn't looking for about 10 seconds, little man decided to get right in the middle of things on TOP of the dining room table)

(our big girl's 2nd violin concert. i can't believe how grown up she looks. i don't see her like this through my eyes, but then i see pictures and it makes my heart race...)

happy weekend, everyone!


Kristy A. Bennett said...

Hi Kristi

I thought it was about time I posted a comment to let you know that I have been following the escapades of your family for many months now simply because of our name similarity!

It has been great to giggle over my laptop of an evening that our children are not that different either - I sport a 5yo, 4yo and an almost 2 going on 20yo - all boys.

Keep up the blogging because I love it to bits! With best wishes from Australian shores,

being kristi bennett with a 'y' instead of an 'i' at the end!

jen said...

Totally enjoying the picture posts.

Amelia Plum said...

i love all these pictures but the one of rhys in the bathtub with the water bottle has to be my favorite. he looks so upset but it's so funny, i feel awful that i laughed at the picture but i just couldn't help it. and the one of marley with the sailor hat, sounds like that book should be called the dangerous book for dogs what with what he has to endure.