Thursday, June 11, 2009

when life gives you buttermilk, make...bread

ok, so i had to walk to the grocery store to get buttermilk. but what better way to brighten up the house than to fill it with that yummy homemade bread smell? (and hopefully the end result would be yummy too...)

i got the bread recipe here. a while back my mother-in-law gave me a bread machine, because i had such high hopes of making my own bread. and then it sat on the floor in our pantry for about 6 months. finally i worked up the nerve to try it out, and here's what happened:

i guess the recipe was too much for my little machine.

very unattractive first glance...

the paddle got stuck in the loaf. is that normal?

as you can see, though, the final product was scrumptious!

now, if i can only figure out how to keep the dough from exploding in the was a rather daunting task to clean afterward...

happy wednesday!


Amelia Plum said...

this post cracks me up. sorry but that does look like a daunting task, cleaning the bread machine after that. it does look yummy though. congratulations, by the way, for your weight loss, that's great that you've been doing so well, although from the pics I've seen you look great but I didn't want you to think I overlooked how well you've done.

karin said...

First of all, I am laughing so hard at the look on Aedan's face as he is buttering his bread and the fact that his arm is in the butter! My mouth is literally watering and I so wish I could come over for a fresh, warm, buttered slice of that bread! I have always wanted a bread machine, but it would seriously be the end of me. They would find me dead on the floor from stuffing my face full of bread nonstop.