Monday, August 31, 2009

double vision

i'm feeling some angst lately. i don't know if it's the editing work that is (thankfully!) piling up around me. or that i have been feeling overshadowed by all those "cool" blogs out there. or that i wish we lived in a bigger house, where we weren't on top of each other all the time. or that my husband feels restless, and so when he feels restless, those feelings get transferred right on to me.

i'm not really sure what it is. but i have thought off and on, especially today, about quitting blogging, quitting facebook (again...), quitting twitter. i sometimes start to feel extra narcissistic when i'm bogged down in all this media.

but then i am torn: these media are what keep me connected to many of my closest friends, with whom a sit-down-over-a-cup-of-coffee-and-a-hug aren't really part of the equation right now due to the long distances between us.

on the other side of the fence, on my worst days, when i get really critical of myself, i think well, MY photos aren't that great, MY craftiness is uninspiring, MY stories, MY day-to-day life are kinda boring most of the time.

do you ever feel this way? what do you do to combat it?

i think it's so crazy that we even deal with this stuff now. technology, how we love and curse you simultaneously...


sew nancy said...

hi kristi
i have been having similar feelings with twitter as i find it just another distraction. i have never joined facebook for this reason
the craft blogs can be overwhelming sometimes and certainly leave one feeling anxious and not good/interesting enough but, i don't think that is their intention. it sounds like you are looking for a change and change can be good and keep peoples interest. whether that means saying goodbye or switching up your focus. whatever you decide will be a good decision. great post. i think you sometimes say what a lot of people are feeling but don't want to say typed out for the world to see and you should feel proud of that

danny said...

I think you have great talent in your photography. I've found some cool sites because of your blogs. And mostly, i like to read about my friends. If it's too much and feels overwhelming, drop it. But remember sometimes getting things off your chest and expressing them is therapy itself. And it's even better when other people benefit from it. I've benefited from your expressions.

Amelia Plum said...

I'd be so sad if you gave up your blog because I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures. But... I understand your ambivalent feelings about technology which is supposed to bring us closer but does it really just isolate us more in the end. You do what feels right to you. Maybe limit yourself to once a week on the blog posts. I don't use twitter but I could see where that could become a big unnecessary distraction. Do you know about the hide option on Facebook (Elise tipped me off to this) if you have a ton of friends I could see where it would make Facebook more manageable, it's sort of silly though for me to even write about Facebook management, like it's a chore. If you give up everything except one, please keep your blog. xoxkim

asti said...

Hello Kristi !
Long time no see :) (so you can tell that I totally empathise with you...I've been very 'off' blogging lately)
Sew Nancy said it so well, I totally agree. Your posts are great and it's so refreshing to hear 'real' thoughts and questions, rather than the glossy 'my life is perfect' stuff. Don't get me wrong, I like to look at them sometimes because they are a bit of an escape, but we all know it's not real.
Your posts really make one think - which is a major achievement in my book !
I joined Twitter too, but I really don't get it :/