Tuesday, August 4, 2009

flags, friends, foes, and other nonsense

blame the plaster bagworm. it's his fault. although i'm sure you know this, and so do i: if you are unsure about something, it probably means it looks like crap.

remember i said i was doing a last-minute change-up in the living room before seeing a very crafty, artsy, cool friend i hadn't seen in a year? well, i got that mantle display "done" right before she and her family arrived, and then i spent the next hour apologizing for the way it looked.

(side note: this display involves the hanging of a 22-year-old florida flag that was given to my father-in-law when he retired from the state. it's beautiful, and ever since rick showed it to me in one of about a zillion pack-rat boxes he brought into the marriage with him, i've been wanting to display it. i promise, it's not a rebel flag...)

i hate how insecure i can be. but this time, i needed to be insecure about that. i'm sure you saw it on here and thought, "ohhhhh, what happened here?! what's wrong with her? doesn't she know that does NOT look good?!"

why yes, in my gut i did know. but then we got to visiting, and i left it up there and tried to ignore how crappy it looked.

until the next night, when amy and i were talking on the couch, and suddenly i said in a very quiet voice, "amy, don't get freaked out, don't move, but there is something moving on the couch arm next to you. it's not close, but just don't move."

and then of course we proceeded to freak out and get rick to kill it, my knight in shining armor that he is. (although he hates killing bugs, so i ordered the death of this thing immediately, knowing he might try to release it into the wild front porch, at which point it might then turn and try to reenter our abode)

and THEN (of COURSE!) we proceeded to look online to figure out what this strange, leaf-like thing was. it was the weirdest thing we'd ever seen. it looks just like a tiny leaf, except it inches around like a worm. and amy saw some weird protruding black leg thingy that was helping it along, which of COURSE made us freak out even more.

so the windows were ordered to be removed (by gallant knight in shining armor, of COURSE) to the front porch) until further notice.

at which point they stayed on the porch, white-trashing up our house until today, when i finally got around to really hosing them down.

don't you think it's more improved? my gut tells me it is. and i have to trust my gut, since it grew larger over the weekend, what with the french fries, gourmet pizza, empanadas, strawberry limeades, and other (gross) goodness.

i hope your weekend (didn't involve bagworms but) was filled with lots of goodness!

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amy said...

i do like it better with the three windows and without the bagworm. ew. that thing was creepy! mis you!