Thursday, August 6, 2009

gone fishin'

or something like that...

friday morning we are headed to see family in north carolina and virginia. the weather, believe it or not, will actually be *hotter* than it is here in hot, muggy, sunny, rainy florida...a couple of days it will be at or very near 100. yikes. it doesn't ever get that hot in tropicana land.

so i might blog, i might not. judging by the lack of comments lately (or maybe everyone is just very afraid of my new flag mantle display...), i suspect i won't be very missed.

hopefully i'll have some great pictures to post when i return! my birthday is coming up soon (i'm headed backward from here on out--no more getting older for me!), and on my wish list is a fancy new camera. we shall see...

have a wonderful start to your august!

1 comment:

Mrs. H. said...

You will be missed!!! I don't always comment, but I'm always reading. :-)

It's been 100+ here almost every day this summer - I am not exagerating! 103 today and you melt walking from the car to a store. We've really had a scorcher this year.

Have a great trip! Tell your parents hello from me, if they remember me! ;-)