Monday, September 14, 2009

brief break

it's hot here. still. all this talk from creative bloggers everywhere has me really hankering for a visit north somewhere. even as close as georgia, there is cooler weather to be had.

speaking of georgia, we took off last weekend to visit some dear friends. we had the best time. hoping for some cooler weather, i packed 3 sweaters. yes, for 4 days. they were thin, okay?! i wore one, but i was sweltering. then as soon as we left, the weather turned cooler there. i really wish it had followed us down here.

and have i mentioned that i'm hot? seriously. our cactus is still blooming. there is something wrong with this picture. i need to remind myself that it's nice living in florida in january, when everyone else is in the deep freeze. for now though, just consider me jealous.

i will probably be taking a brief break (hence the obvious post title) from this space to focus on work for a while. i am lucky enough to have been inundated with editing work lately, and it just doesn't make sense for me to be trying to come up with creative ways to entertain you here when i should be concentrating on making mo' money, mo' money, mo' money. (have you seen that movie? it's terrible. but the title has stuck in my head, sort of like "show me the money," which, incidentally, i would like to experience more in my life...)

now, every time i say i'm taking a break from technology, i end up thinking of a thousand awesome things i want to share, so don't give up on me entirely. add me to your google reader, or follow me on twitter (kristibenn) so you can see when i post a new blog.

'til we meet again...



amy said...

It took me a minute to recognize the photo. :) I hope it cools off for you soon. And don't be fooled, the cool morning here doesn't last nearly long enough.

karin said...

I am with you on the heat. It's hottest time of the year here and I am waiting for a cool down (which is kind of funny because it won't actually be cool). I wish I could sit on the porch at dusk in a light sweater drinking lemonade!