Tuesday, September 22, 2009

gilt-y pleasure

so yesterday, as i was trying to finish up one of FOUR projects i have on my plate, i distracted myself (i mean, took a quick break) by looking at the massive amount of blogs i haven't read on my google reader lately.

there are a few i always go to, and one of them, for me, for you, happened to be sharing about this shopping site where a thing or two is listed as on sale every day.

now, i'm not really into this, and several friends have sent me emails trying to get me to sign up for other ones like this and i've not done it because, let's face it, i really don't have the money to shop most of the time.

but the front page of this one drew me in. haven't you heard me say in my head i'm a totally different looking person than i am in reality? i see myself as that punky, pretty, alternative girl, who incidentally has a few less wrinkles than are on my face currently...

ok, i digress. so i signed up, and even though i didn't buy the fab watches they had on there yesterday, i am excited to see what pops up on there once pay day rolls around for all these jobs i'm working on! even though most of the dough goes to bills, it keeps me focused and working hard if i take a bit and treat myself. like a carrot on a stick, so to speak.

so this is my carrot on a stick, i guess. this, plus the shop ruche, which i drool over daily.

if you want to sign up and shop, click here.

ok, back to work for me!

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Amelia Plum said...

thanks for the links, i'd never even heard of ruche but there are some really cute clothes there. and as for your head vision vs real vision of yourself, i don't know how punky you are but you're totally pretty and that girl must be 22 - you hardly have any lines that i can see from your pics, especially given your age. not that you're ancient, and i'm older, but you know, you've earned any of the wrinkles you've got, three kids and working from home on top of it is no easy task. and i like seeing the eyes of women in their late 30s and older because you can, usually, see wisdom in them which is rare to see in a twentysomething, and you have very beautiful eyes which beats a punky, pretty young thing any day of the week. but just so you know you're not alone, i envision myself as one of those put together, stylish mom's that you'll see in garnet hill catalogs or anthropologie ads sometimes (you know, where the child is used as window dressing). let's just say that's nowhere near close to the reality.