Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(early) spring cleaning

yesterday i went to open the kids' curtains before school. i have a routine. yes, i can be type A like that. get up, shower, hair/makeup, make kids' beds (yes, i know they should be doing it, but i do it better.), open their curtains (so the dog can consequently hop onto aedan's bed and proceed to declare it his domain for the next 6 hours while they are away at school), then shuffle to the kitchen where rick has already made the kids' lunches and fed them breakfast. yes, he is my superhero, especially considering i'm not a morning person.

which leads me to meltdown #2,524,756 since having kids. i want to be more laid back. i really do. but i tried to open the curtain, and a pile of crap gillian had left on top of a bookshelf next to her (top) bunk bed came tumbling down. and i lost it. mostly toned it down, but inside i was just freaking out at the mess that has become their room.

every so often, i do what i did yesterday: go in there, pull everything out of the closet, everything out of the toy "organizers" (ha!), and dump it all on the floor. i have been known to ceremoniously do this in front of the kids, telling them that everything will be thrown out if they don't clean up after themselves. which they obediently listen to and then go back to playing, fighting, and generally making an even bigger mess.

so my grandiose statements really don't work. plus, i discovered yesterday that i really don't clean things up where they can help me keep everything in order. i organize things the way they make sense to ME, the mom. i put things in little drawers (thank you, Ikea), baskets, closets, bookshelves. but then, to my dismay, within a week's time everything is back to chaos.

so this time, i just want to brag about how awesome i am. now, these pictures may not impress you. but let me tell you: this took more than THREE hours to do yesterday. while on a diet. and hungry. read: cranky. maybe that made me work slower. or faster. or more thoughtfully. i have no idea. but a full 24 hours later, and they both are still motivated to keep everything in its place! let's just say it's a small miracle that aedan said today "hey mom, i am really going to keep things organized now! i love our new room!"

so, i give you the new and improved room. compliments welcome, of course. :)

the closet, which normally is so horrific i would NEVER show a picture)
(the bins under the bed, now labeled so aedan knows where to put things)
(my favorite label is "girlie")
(look at all those books piled neatly! at least for now...)
(these baskets are what started it all--uniform baskets. one for shirts, one for bottoms. pink for G of course and blue for A. now they can get themselves dressed!)


Pixie said...

I saw the title and the picture of the window and I thought "I hate people who do their windows." We still have Dizzy's dog snot prints on one of our windows.

Excellent organizing, though! I'm sure Rhys loved being in their room to "help".

sew nancy said...

morning person - i am not one either
mick gives the kids breakfast every morning
if he didn't i don't think i'd get half the stuff done i do
i despise mornings.
especially in winter

organizing kids stuff is so hard, i need to do a big clean out soon!
good job

amy said...

Wow! Can you come do my house now? In other words, can you come and pack for me? I am having a hard time functioning in the chaos around here.

Amelia Plum said...

the place looks amazing kristi, great job organizing. and can i just tell you i am soo envious of how nice your floors look. if only mine were as nice.

elise said...

love it! love the post! love that rick feeds the kids! love that the kids love their clean space! and love your decorating style. so glad you shared this! xxx