Monday, October 22, 2007

i feel like dancin'

gillian has been taking dance lessons once a week at the community center in our neighborhood for the past 10 weeks. she takes ballet and tap (using those terms loosely, because we couldn't really tell how much formal training she is getting...). it's great in two ways: it's CHEAP and it gives her an opportunity to be a ballerina in a big room with all kinds of mirrors instead of just dressing up at home and wondering what she looks like (aedan broke our only full-length mirror recently).

the recital experience can only be described as, well, horrible, except for those 2 minutes when gillian was on stage. the rest of the time was spent with rhys in the sling, aedan climbing on rick, and about 200 people crammed into a space that was designed for 100. where are the fire marshalls when you need them?

the best photos were the ones we took before heading to the recital. you can just see the excitement (and self-confidence) on gillian's face. she was just the same on stage--unlike her mother, who was in a pageant (don't ask) when she was 4 years old, and when pushed out on stage to do the talent portion of the contest, froze--really, just froze, wouldn't perform, wouldn't speak, only cried (i think). yikes. gillian was a natural up there...and anyone who knows her dad will know exactly where she gets THAT from!

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