Tuesday, October 23, 2007

beach therapy

so we were lucky enough to borrow a beach house from a very generous family at the church we are attending/rick is working right now. we didn't really know what to expect, so we packed our volvo to the roof in the back with everything from extra pillows to toys to food to beach gear. we had been told, "whatever is at the house, just use it as if it were your own." but you never know about beach houses and how equipped they are...

well we arrived tuesday evening to the most beautiful beach house i've ever laid eyes on. the living room was floor-to-ceiling windows all the way across the length of the room that faced the ocean, so we woke up to a beautiful sight and went to sleep to an amazing sunset every night. it was like something out of a movie.

some of our favorite friends, michael and amy, met us there for the bulk of the time. it's funny how i can feel so bonded with someone yet not be able to hang out with her much. amy is one of the coolest people i know! and very inspiring--if you have doubts, just check out her blog: buraellen.blogspot.com.

really some of my favorite moments from the time away (besides chatting with amy nonstop!) involved watching our children play together. at home, i am constantly picking up toys, or asking the kids to clean up. i love our small house, but it's not really conducive to running and strewing things hither and yon without someone falling over.

well this house was so long that we felt like we could get lost in it. and the kids (besides lucy and rhys, who were too young to join in the fun) all stayed in a room with bunk beds...gillian on the top for the first time, and oh how she loved it--an escape from the boys when she needed it! so the kids opened the closet in their room and lo and behold, it was completely filled with toys.

i felt like i could let our kids play, not have to worry about cleaning, and plus they kept themselves occupied literally for hours at a time (and mostly without even fighting!). so to me that was really one of the biggest blessings of this trip--feeling like i could let our kids play carefree, which gave both them AND me a break.

here are some pictures from the trip. enjoy!

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