Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In case you have kids and haven't heard of this evil virus called RSV, beware. Gillian caught what I thought was a cold with a nasty cough about a week and a half ago. She was miserable but managed to make it through the worst part just as we were coming home from vacation.

Apparently in one of her I-love-my-baby-brother-so-much-I-just-can't-keep-my-hands-off-him moments, she passed this nasty thing to Rhys (and to Aedan as well, but he's also doing fine managing the cold--just at home driving me crazy today!).

Rhys began coughing Friday night, then lost his little voice on Saturday. By Sunday he was much worse, so we took him to the doctor, who tested him for a virus called RSV, and then told us the test was positive.

I guess the germ traveled home with Gillian and then proceeded to make its rounds in the Bennett house. It's not a big deal when older kids get it, but here's what happens when little ones get it: They can't breathe, may end up in the hospital, have tons and tons of congestion that you can't get out with that little sucky thing, whatever it's called.

So many of our friends are praying for and thinking about Rhys hoping he gets better soon, so here's a quick update: We had a terrible night last night; I held him for about 2 hours and thought he was going to stop breathing more than once or twice. Finally I think we both passed out around 3 a.m., and he slept until around 9 or so. In the midst of all this, he's been nothing but good-natured and smiley. I hope that's an indicator of the type of person he will be someday when he gets older. He seems to approach most situations thus far in the same manner: just happy and relaxed (unless he has gas, that is...).

I am severely disappointed in our current pediatrician; I don't think it would have been that difficult for them to tell me about RSV in one of our early appointments with Rhys. I would have noticed the symptoms with Gillian (it starts off like a cold, only the cough comes before the runny nose or anything else), and then I could have made even greater efforts to keep her quarantined from the rest of the house.

So in case you have little ones and older ones, read up on this so you can watch out for it at home. And thanks to everyone who is waiting to hear that we are in the clear...I will post again once I know for sure he's going to be okay.

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