Tuesday, December 18, 2007

gillian's tea party gone wild

to celebrate her birthday this year, gillian had a choice: she could either go to seaworld or have a party with friends. she didn't skip a beat: "a party! i will get more presents!" that's my girl...

she chose 5 friends to invite: 3 new and 2 old (from preschool the years before). i was getting worried when by the day before the party i hadn't heard from any of the moms yet, but sure enough, 2 little girls from gillian's kindergarten class came; one was dropped off by her dad and he didn't stay "because boys aren't allowed," and the other little girl's mom stayed for the duration of the ensuing horror. in addition, two of my friends came to offer their support, as well as rick's mom (who didn't really offer support--at one point early in the party i overheard her detailing the events of her mother's and little sister's deaths 70 years ago).

i baked cupcakes from scratch that morning and set out the china so the girls could use real teacups. i had been inspired by my friend shannon's cupcakes (if you live anywhere near austin you should buy some from her). she even tracked down a cake place in town where i got the little flowers to put on top. AND i even ventured out to use food coloring, something i never take time to do. here's a picture of how they turned out.

when guests arrived, they munched on celery and carrots while i made a yummy recipe from the december issue of cooking light--sandwiches with peanut butter, honey, chocolate chips, strawberries, and bananas. i thought, "how could these NOT be loved by little girls? they are just like dessert!"

i knew the party wasn't going to go well for me, though, when i served the sandwiches and all three girls turned their noses up--of course my precious child led the way with the not-so-sensitive declaration, "mom, i do NOT like these sandwiches. i want a regular peanut butter and jelly." so then her friends of course did NOT like the sandwiches and wanted something different too.

after i served those up and they tested me on whether they were going to eat round 2 or not, i told them they couldn't have cupcakes unless they ate their lunch. is that so bitchy? i felt like it was, but then again, i wasn't wanting to be a short-order cook for the entire two hours of the party.

next, the cupcakes were served. i was so excited to see the girls tearing into these things i had really labored over. not a chance. gillian took one bite and declared, "mom, i don't like these cupcakes. the icing does NOT taste good." then of course her friends thought exactly the same thing. so i gave up and told them they could get down and go dress up some more.

the rest of the party it took all my energy just to keep it together emotionally. i was mad at gillian, but then i knew in my head that she IS only 6, but then i just felt sorry for myself because i had worked so hard for this and i wanted praise, thanks, "mom you are SO great!"

i guess the lesson is not to expect those things from your kids or you will constantly be disappointed. the truth is that she had a fabulous time dressing up, giggling with her friends, opening her presents, and eating tons of celery and carrots (who knew this would be the day my daughter decided to be healthy??). so i should be grateful. this brings me to another quandry regarding parenthood: it really involves giving away all of yourself, completely selflessness, and there's no guarantee that you are going to get anything in return. that is some serious stuff that no one tells you before you enter this wild roller coaster ride.

here are some photos that show just how much fun she had.


amy said...

the cupcakes are adorable. it looks like gillian had a great time despite your "horrid" sandwiches. :) i would love to have one right now. they sound delicious.

Sara said...

That is so funny...I saw that same recipe & thought I should make those if you were coming to our house for Christmas! Ha! Who would have thunk. :)