Wednesday, April 23, 2008

dry spell?

it seems as if i have had a serious dry spell in blogging lately, because i haven't posted much. however, really i have been dying to post about several things that are happening around here, mostly to do with wildlife. right now, though, i've been swamped with work (which i have to tell myself is a good thing, right?!) and on top of that i developed a nasty sinus infection yesterday. i usually can kill it with large doses of echinacea, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed it's all gone by tomorrow.

since i'm tired of waiting to post these things, i will just have to settle for pictures with not a lot of commentary. so this first post is dedicated to an update of how my garden is doing.

the picture up top is a flower on my zucchini plant. isn't it gorgeous? here's another shot of it, less close up:
i look at these blooms every day out my daughter's window; they are so amazingly bright yellow.

and i finally got a shot of my growing grape tomatoes:and here's an overall shot of the garden now that it has many less bare spots than it first did:

since i took this picture a week ago i tried to transplant some of the tiny cucumber plants to the area just outside the view of the bottom of the photo, but they do not look good. i moved 4 of them, and only one is standing up at all. the other 3 look pretty dead to me. oh well. it was still worth a try, because i knew they weren't all going to grow on top of each other like they were originally.

more stories from me tomorrow! hope everyone is doing well.


karin said...

Your garden looks amazing and it's so much fun to keep up with the progress. There is going to be trouble when it's time to eat your harvest, because I'm not there to share the "fruits of your labor" with you! I know what you mean about dry spells, too. There are many times when I want to post, can't get to the computer in enough time and then something else happens and I move on from there. Miss you, friend. Let's talk soon!

krystal said...

Yummy, can't wait for the zucchini bread!! :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed too...Can't wait to see you & catch up (i know it hasn't really been that long but you know.)

asti said...

Wow, your garden is really growing up. What progress in such a short time :)