Thursday, April 24, 2008

(last) weekend in pictures

i realize i'm behind the ball when it comes to posting these pictures i took last weekend at a local nursery. but i cling to "better late than never" here. here's a glimpse of the beauty i found at this place.

this bumblebee was flying just slow enough for me to take a couple pictures of it. i couldn't capture the colors, but i was amazed that i was able to snap its photo at all. isn't it cool?

i loved the little flowers floating in this bird bath. that foot belongs to a lion. take a look at what was hiding inside the lion's mouth:

there are literally thousands (maybe millions!) of these lizards everywhere. when we go outside our front door, you can hear rustling that should belong to a large animal...but it's just these guys scattering everywhere. my kids noticed this one hanging out inside the lion's mouth, making it look like a tongue. it provided at least a full minute of entertainment at an otherwise very boring place for kids...

i love how i accidentally captured the depth of this plant. (everything with me related to photography is accidental...)

this rusty light fixture looked so beautiful because of the way the sun was shining that day on everything.


Amelia Plum said...

I love all the photos you put up! I agree with you that it's better late than never, I love seeing new pictures on the blogs I read. I think the last one is my favorite because the light is amazing it. But the lion is pretty comical as well.

joshua said...

great pics kristi